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KURRAKÄ - Otra Dimensión Cassette (the only last copy!!)

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[Usa]  [Oscuridad en mi vida]

Dark Raw Punk from Texas - Euro Version // 100 copies

6 new songs of dark raw punk that we have come to expect from Kurraka. The song writing on this starts where their Lp ended, but the sound on this is a bit rawer. The songs on this recording are more punk, primitive, and raw, while still being catchy at the same time(Even though you can still hear hints of post punk). Pro tapes/limited to 100 copies.

(Sorry State review) Latest cassette EP from this great punk band out of Texas. For my money, Kürraka’s LP (which was only released in Spain) is one of the most underrated records of the past several years… it’s a record I return to often and never cease to be blown away by. Things have changed a little bit for this latest EP, but the level of quality is just as high. In particular, I feel like there’s a distinct Rudimentary Peni influence running through this recording. The guitars and bass are mid range-y in a very Death Church kind of way, and there’s a dense, almost claustrophobic vibe as well. However, Kürraka retain their ability to infuse their songs with occasional moments of pure joy. I always think of the track “Lunar Eclipse” from their LP, but there are several moments on this tape that rival that track in terms of memorability. My favorite of these moments is on the first track, “Amor Prohibito,” when Dru lets out one of her trademark echo-drenched bird noises. It’s a trick that she’s done before, but that sound is so perfectly placed that it makes a chill run down my spine every time I hear it. There are several more of these key moments scattered throughout the EP, making it an essential listen if you’re into what Kürraka are doing.