TERREMOTO - The Bridge 12"

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[Usa/Australia]  [Symphony of Destruction]


300 copies // Single sided 12" // European pressing
Screenprinted cover + Photo on cover
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Terremoto formed in early 2017 began as Giacomo, Tessa and James messing around in a backyard shed in Melbourne. From humble beginnings Terremoto became an attempt to subvert the typical constraints of space and place to create music whilst band members were physically separated by multiple borders and oceans. Terremoto (earthquake in Italian) moulds upbeat new wave synth lines and 1980's pop vocal melodies with darker elements of driving goth-inspired guitars and drums.

The debut 12" EP 'The Bridge' was written and recorded in studios on opposite sides of the planet, included members of UBIK, MASSES, CRIMSON SCARLET, ODIO, TORSO, etc...