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HYENA - Demos LP

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[Usa]  [Bloody Master]

(US IMPORT  //  220 copies)

(Sorry State review) Debut vinyl from this Atlanta hardcore band featuring members of Mercenary and Bukkake Boys, and if you liked those bands, I’m sure you’ll love Hyena. The style resembles what those bands did… a certain brand of meat and potatoes hardcore free of stylistic pretense and cool guy posturing. The music is uniformly hard and heavy, but Hyena makes room for plenty of interesting little moments like the anarcho-tinged “War,” the wicked fast drumming on “Culture of Violence,” and some memorable lead guitar on tracks like “Narcissist” and “Plagued.” Really, though, after listening to this LP all the way through, you’re not left remembering those moments so much as the monolithic intensity of the whole record. I can’t imagine that Hyena will become the next hype band (though the cool artwork and limited 220-copy pressing could make this a hard to get record), but this LP will appeal to precisely the people who aren’t chasing the hot new thing.