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PARANOIAS - Napalm Springs 7"

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[Perth/Australia]  [Helta Skelta/Aus]

Paranoias have been going for a few years now and have finally graced us with their debut 7”. - And with bands knocking out new material seemingly every 2 minutes it’s kinda nice to have to wait - . Five tracks of snotty, fast paced punk that follows on from their outstanding demo. Although they manage to perfectly adapt to a 5 track punk 45 here. They’re still one of my favourite bands going right now. Still heavily indebted to 70s punk with tightly wound bass and drums underlying Chris’s guitar hooks and surf garage style, and Hannah’s high pitched and often frenetic vocals. All recorded to tape which offers the perfect lo-fi tone for this kind of music. Songs about the collapse of the world, plastic cities, plastic people, shit people, and a vacuous middle class who offer no hope. Recorded before 2020 but very fitting of this year. Napalm. Paranoia. We’re all fried.

Artwork by Hannah Atcheson
Recorded and mixed by Alex Patching
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory

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