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NIGHTMARE - Give Notice Of Nightmare LP

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[Band: Japon]

[Label: Fareweel - La Famillia]

Official re-release! Split release between La Familia Releases and Farewell Records! Available in the States from Sorry State Records!

Housed in a 350 gram cover and contains a sheet with japanese lyrics and English translations! First release 1990 on legendary Selfish Records!

Along with Gauze & Warhead, Nightmare is one of the few classic japanese bands that never broke up and it's still going strong after all these years. I think a pretty convincing argument can be made for Nightmare’s "Give Notice Of Nightmare" being the best "Burning Spirits" style Japanese hardcore release.

I can't find anything to complain about 'coz there's nothing wrong here. Classic metallic japanese hardcore/punk in one of its finest moments.