HALDOL - Negation LP

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[Band: Philadelphia / Usa]

[Label: Play Alone (Usa)]


"Under normal circumstances the writing, recording and production of an album is at once exhausting and exhilarating/ wish fulfillment and catharsis. To record an album in 2020, in a time of pandemic, heightens this dichotomy and incorporates elements of isolation, self doubt and the feeling that you're playing in a vacuum. In addition to being stud musicians, Haldol fearlessly tackle these obstacles with ease and precision. Shifting from Pornography era Cure to Miami era Gun Club within a single song ( Taphonomy) they totally blur the concepts of punk, post-punk and goth until none of them matter, till none of them can lay claim to the song. Taphonomy is the best song I have heard this year and has replaced Universal Leash as my favorite Haldol song of all time. The mid song drum break that sends Taphonomy careening into another direction is brilliant.
Despite the difficult times, or maybe in stark contrast to them, I find Negation to be less dark ( not necessarily lighter ) than previous Haldol releases. Bull's Blood uses vivid religious imagery to describe the end of a relationship. Once the facades are removed its easy to see why the break up occurred and why it serves as a release.
Because I adore the band, I have tried to be as objective as I could possibly be. Given the material, given the musicianship, given the times we live in...I find Negation to the perfect tonic. 95/100." - Richard Brown, The Proletariat

"Truth of an Arrow, lingers between the gothic rock of The Southern Death Cult and the spunkier dark nature of the lesser celebrated Specimen" - Destroy//Exist

"Capturing the gritty rust coated patine of early Cure, The Birthday Party, Rudimentary Peni, and Japanese rock band Les Rallizes Denudes, Haldol are yet fresh and forwarding thinking, standing toe to toe with contemporaries such as DIÄT, Negative Gears, and Blank Spell, all the while putting a massive dose of punk back in goth." Post-Punk.com

"HALDOL’s music looks to the past while pushing the genre forward, that’s for sure! Respect due to these humans who manifest timeless Post Punk!" - CVLT Nation

"With the release of their Negation album due next February, Philadelphia’s post-punk / deathrock band Haldol (Geoff R Smith, Aaron Muchanic, and Ande Ciampa) have dropped an advance track, Truth of an Arrow. ...
The song riffs heavily on 80s British post-punk, at times verging on Goth in its dark themes and tones. Think Bauhaus, or The Cure before their commercial height, but with a noticeable grunge aesthetic running through it, Truth of an Arrow is fresh and fierce, and a highlight of an already impressive-sounding LP judging by the songs that have already been previewed." - AnalogueTrash