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DSM​-​5 - Sk​ä​rblacka D​-​beat LP

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[Band: Sweden]

[Labels: Cimex + LonerCult]

Swedish D-beat, the LP including on the Side A the tracks from Sk​ä​rblacka D​-​Beat Vol.1 Tape and 7 brand new tracks on the Side B

(DIY CONSPIRACY review / Tapes Vol.1)

In clinical psychiatry, DSM-5 is a manual for assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders. In Skärblacka, a locality of Sweden, DSM-5 are a three-piece ripping hardcore mangel with their first recording released in the form of a 7-track tape in March 2022.

After the rather silly multilingual intro track, DSM-5 explode into a violent frenzy of blasting d-beats, filthy metal solos and hailstorm riffing. “Just Stop Talking” is a sheer exercise of aural aggression and destruction. The hate-filled lyrics and throat-punching vocal delivery remind me in spirit just as much of modern US hardcore bands like Section H8, as to the Scandinavian school of ragged d-beat and thrashing ‘90s-fueled kängpunk from where DSM-5 mainly draw influence from. The whole EP in its entirety of 14 minutes is a blatant display of in-your-face, ugly and menacing hardcore buzzed with distortion. And just when the constant cannonade of distorted guitars, pounding d-beats and reverberated vocals starts to feel a bit repetitive and worn out, we are presented with the guest vocal appearances by Patrik of Snake Tongue, on track five “Algorithm And Blues”, and Steffi Antigen on track six “Why?”. The closing track “Sick Of It All” is another relentless d-beaten racket to get you in the mood to smash your enemies.

Skärblacka D-Beat Vol 1 is tumultuous and quarrelsome record that will fill the gap for those seeking battering negative hardcore delivered with malicious intent and determination. Somehow this EP got missed by a lot of folks as we’re approaching end of the year time, but I want to remind you this exists and I dig it. Meanwhile, new DSM-5 songs are already popping up on their Bandcamp.