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NIGHTFEEDER - Cut Off All Your Face LP

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[Band: Seattle, USA]

[Label: New Dark Age]

Nightfeeder plays an aggressive style of hardcore that reminded me a lot of my youthful days when I was picking up demo tapes from every band I could get my hands on. With members from Disrupt, Consume and Deathraid, there is certainly a lineage that ties back through the decades. Disrupt was founded in 1987 and seemed like the US' answer to Extreme Noise Terror while Deathraid and Consume ripped through the 2000's with a heavy dose of D-Beat influence made famous by Discharge.

Obviously Nightfeeder members have been around for a long time honing their craft, and it certainly shows on Cut All Of Your Face Off LP. It delivers a wall of sheer power and heightened aggression. It's like a bloodthirsty creature deprived of sustenance doing anything it can to satiate the hunger. While there is a lot of furious thrashing shaping this album, there is also diversity in the song structure. Nightfeeder find ways to insert tempo changes that often compliment the vocal style. At times the sound can feel like its pulled right from mid/later 80's crust punk era and other times fade into a more straight hardcore tune with "Amoral Minority" and "I'm a Letdown". Tracks like "The Reaper's Yield" and "Burial" fit nicely in stenchy crusty niche bands like Deviated Instinct and Doom dwelled in. Nightfeeder has been around long enough that their sound is not 100% derivative of the past. Sure there are influences that we can use a points of reference, but the sound that we hear on this album is an amalgamation of many sources, experiences and influence that most will appreciate.