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[Band: Singapore]

[Label: Symphony of Destruction]

SOD#96 CAVE SEX - S/T EP 12"
300 copies - one sided
Screenprinted cover and disco-innersleeve
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Cave Sex's 12" EP takes listeners on a journey through themes of anti-war, societal oppression, and the struggles of dissidents. Coming from a country like Singapore, where alternative perspectives are often considered politically unpalatable, there are people who fearlessly confront the status quo, providing a voice for the marginalized and silenced. Their music, cold and drenched with a distinct blend of post-punk, transcends boundaries with the sound of an industrial landscape with their unique blend of influences. Featuring aggressive driving rhythms, gritty guitars, pulsating basslines, a pounding blend of live and electronic drums, and synth-driven melodies. The writing process of this record mainly involves listening to a lot of Killing Joke layered by the politically charged raw energy of 80’s anarcho punk. Recorded by themselves in their smoke-filled, dingy practice space somewhere in downtown Singapore. Cave Sex critiques the relentless cycle of war and the military-industrial complex.