SOD#52 DAYDREAM – s/t Lp

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1st press 330 Black
Screenprinted fold-over cover & inner cover
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Guitar: Tyler
Vox & Bass: Alix
Drums: Ian

Recorded by Joey, at Left Field Studios (March 2018)
Mastered by Will Killingworth, at Dead Air Studios

Cover artwork by Mateo Correal
Inner Artwork by Corona Iniguez
Screenprinted at Ol’Dirty Hands

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(Land of reason ) A jangled-mangled mess of hardcore punk noise that constantly teeters on the edge of some kind of fantastic implosion, but the whole thing somehow holds itself together, creating a really exhilarating dynamic and an exciting sense of what the fuck will happen next?! Not at all dismilar to the chaos-as-as-energy approach to noise-punk that has been so delightfully mastered by Bib in recent years. Imagine a Hank Wood (without the Hammerheads) fronting a noise rock oufit who are trying to (unsuccessfully) supress the urge to just let it all go and roar like Seige.