SOD#20 CATHOLIC SPIT – A pact with the devil Lp

After a first single 7″, here the debut Lp of this DeathPunk band from Ventura (Cali-Usa)
Transparent purple vinyl + 16p A5 booklet – 500 copies (Europress)
One copy: 8€


SOD#19 PERFUME RIVER – No wind Flexi

« No wind » is a 4 tracks flexi 7″ of PERFUME RIVER from Philadelphia (Usa), 2’30 » of a raw d-beat, packed in a screenprinted hardcover (250 copies)!
For a while it was also released in tape, here a review of Distort/Tape piss:
« In the spirit of the aforementioned dual D-beat royalty, Perfume River have stepped forward to claim what is theirs on their No Wind cassette, buried under a recording as dense as a hammer full of hammer full of hammers. Will Killingsworth can push the volume, and this cassette seems to have exploited every last decibel possible in the format, a torrent of cymbal wash so constant they sound like an unending feedback burst through limitless guitar tracks grating further and further, vocals spitting out rancorous lines like “those who live, live off the dead”, all to put a little smile on your face, a little moisture where it counts, to germinate the future of our delightful species in style. Those who live, live off the dead! No mercy »

One copy: 4€

Next releases: INU/CATHOLIC GUILT split Lp – DEATHLESS BASTARD/ELEGY Split Lp – GENERACION SUICIDA Lp – CRIMSON SCARLET 12″ (extented version first 7″s) + EKOLALIA demo Tape