SOD#51 LITOVSK – Dispossessed Lp

« Dispossessed » – Lp
Screenprinted fold-over cover & inner cover
Risographied Insert A3 with infos & lyrics

1st press 532 Black (November 2018) // SOLD OUT
2nd press 500 Black (May 2019) // SOLD OUT
3rd press 324 Black (December 2020) // SOLD OUT
4rd press 300 Black (October 2023) // AVAILABLE

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Recorded & Mixed by JB Mayrieux, at Roy de Rats studio
Masterised by Charles Mathieu

Artwork by Margot Grisaille
Screenprinted at Ol’Dirty Hands




(Thoughts Words Action) France has always been a great spot for new wave / post punk bands, alongside with UK who’s responsible for a birth of the post punk scene in the mid 70’s. Litovsk are one of those newer bands who literally reflects the cold, dark, bleak atmosphere of that era by implementing great guitar melodies onto great bass lines and rhytm section. Their brand new material delivers almost depressive, melancholic feel to each track and the band itself is paving the road for a brand new generation of post punk bands. I really dig the richness of a guitar sound, it reminds me of the sonic explorations done by The Smiths and The Cure over the years, but at the other hand it sounds so unique with all the darkness added over the top of those cool riffs. Cover artwork reminded me of some emo albums from the 90’s, but it perfectly suits to the music, with all those xerox  printing effects over the monochrome photo of some wierd plant. Ten tracks, ten more than good reasons to grab this peace of plastic published by Abfall Records, Symphony Of Destruction and Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?