SOD#62 ZODIAK – TKY 2020 Flexi 7″

SOD#62 // Flexickers series vol.04
« TKY 2020 » – Flexi 7″
1st press 330 Black
Screenprinted Cover + (Die-cutting one hole)

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Throat: JonCon
Distortotion: Hal
Bass: Sena
Beat-raid: Motokaaos

Recorded at Noise Room (Tokyo)& Ear hammer Studios (Oakland CA) 2019
Mixed & Mastered by Kobayashi (Noise Room)
Cover art & Screenprinted at Ol’Dirty Hands

Zodiak Flexickers vol4 photoweb


(MRR) Japanese band with a singer from America, not in the vein of JUNK SCHIZO, rather distortion equalized to maximum noise-core, with echoed-howling vocals and trash-can drumming. When a bunch of people from solid former bands play in a style that is so distorted, it basically could camouflage all individual handprints laid on the music, which circumstance can easily create an effortless chapter in the codex of random bands who sound OK. Maybe ZODIAK does not reinvent the wheel, but they are able to be more than just convincing. Treat it as an exaggeration but they sound as DISARRAY or ZOUO on a faster speed with CONFUSE guitars. ZODIAK is able to push themselves through all the covering accessories and be more interesting even over a timespan of flexi 7”. I would listen to more.