SOD#64 LD-50 – Lethal Dose Hardcore 7″

« Lethal Dose Hardcore » – 7″
1st press 540 Black (July 2020)
Screenprinted Cover


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Voice: Gaet
Guitare: Rat
Lead: Bert
Bass: Dario
Drums: Xavier

Recorded at Spector Studios (Brussels)
Mixed By Jonah Flaco
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead air Studio

Artwork by Nicky Rat
Screenprinted at Ol’Dirty Hands


(SORRY STATE) Lethal Dose Hardcore is the debut release by this Belgian hardcore band. The sound is stripped down US-style hardcore with nihilistic ferocity, the feral, distorted vocals bringing to mind John Brannon from Negative Approach at his most throat-shredding. The music isn’t as stripped down as Negative Approach, but there’s a similar punky catchiness here, as if LD-50 are at least as informed by driving, catchy UK82 punk as they are by light-speed USHC. Fans of Negative Approach, Last Rights, and DC’s Youth Brigade should take particular note as this has a similar feel, but regardless of what you compare it to, it sounds explosive.