SOD#71 DESENTERRADAS – Danzando En El Caos LP

«Danzando En El Caos» – LP
1st pressing 660, White vinyl, September 2021
Reversed Sleeve 350gr with Insert
co-release with Metadona (Palma)


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Keyboard: Nena
Guitar: Tere
Drum: Makrin
Bass: Mixa
Vocals: Dana

Recorded en HolyRook Estudio, Feb 2019, Barcelona
Mastered at Moscu Estudio, Feb 2021, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artwork: Lithography by Mixa Jane


(Revew Oliver Sheppard/ DESENTERRADAS. Spain’s Desenterradas are one of my favorite bands as of late: They remind a lot of classic Spanish acts like Las VulpeSS and Paralasis Permanente; or bands like Burning Kitchen, with maybe a tad of newer-ish (comparatively) bands like Naughty Zombies, and American bands like Vueltas or Arctic Flowers. The band’s Danzando En El Caos LP came out only a few weeks ago (September, 2021) on the always-amazing Symphony of Destruction label from France. On their new album, Desenterradas tap back into the power of dark punk and classic, anarcho-tinged goth-punk like Rubella Ballet or Lost Cherrees. Would Desenterradas themselves agree with a “deathrock” designation? Maybe, maybe not—but they’re a lot like groups like the aforementioned Arctic Flowers or Rule of Thirds in that they’re really more of a hybrid of postpunk, deathrock, and the classic early 80s tradition of Spanish punk and UK anarcho-punk. Their new Danzando En El Caos LP is highly recommended.

(Review Fede1984) Ladies and gentlemen, take note. Metadona stops looting graves to present us with a group with a present, even if they seem to have risen from the afterlife. It is precisely from there that they land, the beautiful Palma, in Mallorca.

Unearthed they celebrate their first 10 years with “Danzando en el caos” an LP debut where after punk appears as fresh as it was in its early days. They are not dead by a miracle and with this new edition, from their already mythical tape for Sangre Azul, these young souls reestablish their bonds of evil.

With lyrics in Spanish that invoke fears, passions, dramas and the smell of burning, they conjure up an album that evokes memories of the past. Now that their graves are empty we can assure you that this album is called to be a perennial classic capable of awakening your most dying smile. It really is a strange day this one in which you rediscover between whispers that suddenly you continue to adore this strange cult of blood, pain, desire and pleasure without suffering. Deep down, not everything is so bad, although when you understand that you were born to die, you know that you will not leave without setting this world on fire before leaving.

Mallorca’s light is famous all over the world, but not so much its coven in the shadows of the racecourse. They couldn’t take it anymore and with this collection of songs they have managed to make the colors no longer shine. They are strong and their injuries make them feel less helpless when they are together. Metadona couldn’t wait any longer and together with Symphony of Destruction they present us this new Balearic punk revenge that will defy all borders between dawn and dawn. Raise your body, let your heart beat, unleash the madness locked in your mind, your thirst for love is compensated. Eduardo knows it well, they are the harsh consequences of playing in the cemetery.

Boys and girls, whoever warns is not a traitor. Mourning for all!