[Nov 2021] RITUAL VEIL – Keep Looking Down 12″ out now!!


SOD#76 // (Synth-phony Séries n°3)
325 Copies Maxi 12″
Extracover + Screenprinted discosleeve + Insert
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(Review from Post-Punk.com / Alice Teeple)
After growing up together in Portland, Oregon’s punk scene, longtime friends Aidan Wolfe and Wolfgang Williams joined forces dramatic dance-beat, synth-driven pop passion project known as Ritual Veil. Wolfe and Williams developed a deep affinity for similar genres of music and the desire to create their own, utilizing a common love of the connection between music and visual media.

Now they announce a new EP, Keep Looking Down, an opus borne of tragedy, heartbreak, and unspeakable loss…and perhaps a touch of bitterness, Wolfe admits, explaining that the songs are all derived from personal thoughts and experiences, filing a few short pieces into different emotional drawers. “2020 completely turned my life upside down,” says Wolfe. “Having my life upended by Covid and losing my partner to cancer in the same short span had me in a dark place for a while. Writing these songs was pretty much the only cathartic release I had through all of that.”

The title track sets the mood of the casette as something more introspective, while still remaining engaging and hopeful.

“I was hearing vocal samples being used as leads in a lot of songs and felt inspired to do our own take,” says Williams. “As soon as I wrote the lead you hear at the beginning and throughout the song I knew I wanted to write a song around it.”

Wolfe and Williams wrote all of the music together and collaborated on writing synth and drums for the first time. “We’re channeling the essence of RV from when we were first starting to write synth-pop riffs on a little Casio and drum machine and setting up fun photoshoots and set designs in Wolfgang’s basement,” Wolfe says.

The band collaborated with Jonathan Sirit, of Belgrado, for the album artwork as well the art printed on the cassettes. They also collaborate with photographer Yvette Aispuro, who shot the cover.

In 2017 Ritual Veil began rehearsing synth and drum-machine compositions, with Wolfe improvising meandering vocal melodies over top, and pairing the song ideas with stylized sets and abstract visual concepts. Wolfe’s smooth, baritone vocals echo down a hallway of oscillating beats, driving bass tones, and captivating hooks invoking a lustful, melancholic aura.

“Aidan wrote all the lyrics on the album and while he pulled a lot from his own personal experience, I find so many ways to interpret and apply them to my own life,” notes Wolfgang Williams. “I think that’s one of the strengths of this album, and I hope when people hear or read the lyrics they’ll feel a personal connection to them.”

“Wolfgang and I have been friends since high school,” says Wolfe. “We met my freshman year and he looked like Sid Vicious (but with better style, naturally) so I thought he was cool as shit. We made friends pretty quickly. We were both punks and went to the same local all-ages shows in Portland and started a band with some friends. After that disbanded we played around with a couple project ideas before landing on Ritual Veil.”

[Oct 2021] PROSPEXX – The Garden promo single out now!

PROSPEXX’s single promo « THE GARDEN », taken from their upcoming debut album « A Quiet World » in production now at S.O.D, on their bandcamp and all digital platform.

you can see also a live session here:

[Oct 2021] 2 new releases Out now, BARREN? & DESENTERRADAS Lps

Hello, we are happy to announce you 2 new Lp releases are out this debut october!!

SOD#71 DESENTERRADAS – Danzando En El Caos LP

660 copies, reversed 380gr sleeve + insert
To celebrate their 10 years of existence, the 5 girls from Mallorca, offer us a brillant first full-lenght album of Dark-punk / DeathRock, with Spanish lyrics that invoke fears, passions, dramas and the smell of burning, they conjure up an album that evokes memories of the past. Now that their graves are empty we can assure you that this album is called to be a perennial classic capable of awakening your most dying smile.


SOD#73 BARREN? – Distracted To Death… Diverted From Reality LP

550 copies 24″x24″ folded poster sleeve (ala « Crass ») + Obi
After left us with only one first track on a small v/a 12″, while our poor ears was requesting for more in 2009, BARREN?, the Peace-Punkers from Paris finally come with a realistic debut album called « Distracted To Death… Diverted From Reality LP » housed in a nice 24″x24″ folded sleeve (ala Crass), well brewed in the
ol’good anarchopunk 80’s tradition!

[June 2021] v/a LA MASACRE CONTINUA Cassette

250 copies pro-duplicated

Solidarity Euro Version manufactured and distributed by OSCURIDAD EN MI VIDA

Compilation curated by CHAOS-T Records and PESADILLA in Colombia

–> All proceed will be donated <–
ORDER here: www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop

Supporting distribution in:
JAPON: Revenge, Base, Discos Peligros, Punk & Destroy
NZ: Razored Raw
UK: La Vida Es Un Mus, Missing The Point
EUROPE: Contraszt! (Ger) Adult Crash (Dan) Not Enought (Swe)
FRANCE: Mutant, La France Pue, Dirty Slap, Stonehenge, Destructure, Collila

Compilation Mastered by Santiago González

(Chaos-T records Statement)
Solidary punk compilation that came up after the national strike context and the repression by the authorities as of April 28 of 2021. To this date, 45 people have been murdered, 25 women have been sexually assaulted/raped and over 340 people have been missing in hands of the police and anti-riot police.

Who gave the order?

We totally reject the abuse of power. Because of this, 21 bands have united to scream out their rejection against this injustice and harassment that the people are now suffering after waking up against oppression.

If you want to download and give out a donation, everything will be donated to the people and the different collectives who are needing our help.

We did this compilation with the intention of giving out all the donations received in behalf of the strike and the people requiring our support and solidarity.

[April 2021] X2000 / DAUÐYFLIN – Split MC pre-order and listen

OV#22 X2000 / DAUÐYFLIN – Split MC
250 copies + insert
co-release with Ruido Total Discos (Paris)

After share some stage in Scandinavia, X2000 (Sweden) and DAUÐYFLIN (Iceland), and made pogo punx jump in the pit, they bring the team together again for a split cassette! Both into Tupa-Tupa Dark HcPunk atmosphere, X2000 is more hypnotic drenched by chorus, while DAUÐYFLIN is more infused by noise!
Tupa-Tupa, Jump around, Jump up and get down!

[Feb 2021] Listen TURQUOISE 12″ + Pre-order

You can listen the first full-lenght mini-album called « Hantise » of TURQUOISE, Parisian Kängpunk, on premier on the website DIY Conspiracy
!! Enjoy!!

Pre-order on the shop!!! release date the 28th February!

Paris raw hardcore punk outfit Turquoise streaming their debut album « Hantise » in full now!!! ????

LP available from Symphony of Destruction and Les Chœurs De l’Ennui

Publiée par DIY Conspiracy sur Vendredi 19 février 2021

[Feb 2021] BESTHÖVEN/DHK & EDUCATION 7″ are out now!!

2 new 7″ releases are just out now!!

[Feb 2021] Coming new EDUCATION full EP on Youtube

Listen the full new EP of EDUCATION called « Parenting Style » now!!
4 tracks Raw Post-Punk from Rome, Italia!

[Jan 2021] LITOVSK repress Lps available

LITOVSK – s/t LP (4th press) and Dispossessed LP (3th press) are available again!!


Bundle are available too!!

[Nov 2020] PROSPEXX – Maxi 12″ Pre-order now!!

S.O.D is glad to announce a 2nd Synth-phony on Maxi 12″ will be out during the 2nd lockdown!
PROSPEXX see the « dark » during the first lockdown in Singapore, Vanessa & Hafiz have recorded 4 great dancing tracks of Dark Synthwave during this period who deserved to be on Maxi 12″ (mastered by Daniel Husayn / North London Bomb Factory).
The Maxi should be allready out, but delays have increased from the pressing plant, instead you can pre-order now!

[May 2020] TUMBAS – Video of their first track from the upcoming LP

New release — ZODIAK Flexi, out now!

Finally out now, 10 days later, new volume of the FLEXICKERS Series!!

SOD#62 ZODIAK- TKY 2020 7″
330 copies // Flexickers vol.04
Raw punk from Tokyo with (ex) members of KAFKA, THE VERTIGOS, MORPHEME, ODIO…

buy here: symphonyofdestruction.org/shop

Listen on bandcamp !
Pack with 3x vol. Flexickers available at good price !

Zodiak Flexickers vol4 photoweb

Soon! ZODIAK – Flexickers Vol.04, see video sampler



After passed the most darker week of the year, locally (in BREST) or even in the world (ROJAVA), we get some time to announce you that 2 new releases are out on SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION!!!

Take care of your friends, peace & love!!!


A glint of steel and a flash of light! Hiding underground since their 2016 demo, Bordeaux’ own defenders of the d-beat faith Bombardement have been leaving a trail of destruction that’s second to none. Pounding the world like a battering ram and deadly as a viper, their debut LP races through 8 new tracks at breakneck speed with high octane. You’re in for surprise, you’re in for a shock. There’s many who tried to prove that they’re faster but they didn’t last and they died as they tried. Rock hard, ride free: some heads are gonna roll! (Juka Priest)

500 copies with Die-cut hole on side A // Co-release with Destructure


SOD#57 OBLAKA – Insight 7″ Flexi

275 Copies // Screenprinted Black Flexi
Hc Punk from Yakoutsk (Sakha Republic) aka the coldest city in the world!

you can read an article about the scene there, here: https://daily.bandcamp.com/20…/…/11/yakutsk-punk-scene-list/



3 new cassettes out in June just before S.O.D was gone in vacation, so it was just available on on the raod durin fest & gigs!

Finally back at homeand now available at the distro 4€ each

OV#15 ADRENOCHROME – The Buzz or Howl Sessions CS

120 Copies / Euro version Dark Punk from Oakland (Usa) including members of Cruz De NavaJas, Kurraka, Otzi, etc…


OV#16 PLEASURE – Demo 2018 CS

100 Copies / Euro edition Screenprinted J-card AnarchoPunk from Singapore 5 Song demo, Songs about the harsh reality of oppression and power. (including members of Lubricant, Sial & Reyerta)


OV#17 MASSES – 2018 European Tour CS

150 copies A special limited edition tour cassette available only on the June 2018 Masses European Tour. The A-side features two brand new Masses songs, recorded live by Steve Patrick at Magnet Studios. The B-side is a rewritten & re-recorded version of the bands track « Blind » originally released on the Masses 2014 Horde Mentality EP.


LISTEN HERE: https://symphonyofdestruction.bandcamp.com
BUY HERE: http://www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop

OUT NOW!! MASSES & UBIK 7″s!! (05/2018)

M-U 1

Finally 2 new releases are out the 1ST MAY!! After long delays, and 3 rejected testpressings for MASSES 7″ is here and UBIK 7″ also!!
Both from Australia and share members 😉


SOD#44 MASSES – s/t 7″

500 Black Flexi
Screenprinted Cover
+ Insert
Co-released with Lost in Fog Records

MASSES are a four piece post-punk/goth/anarcho band from Melbourne, Australia, forming in 2013 the band features duel vocals from both guitarist James Blake and synth player Nellie Pearson. Masses combines driving anarcho sounds and politically motivated themes reminiscent of bands such as THE MOB and VEX with emotive and dancey new wave and goth inspired tracks reminiscent of early NEW ORDER. Masses are releasing their Self Titled 7″ EP on Lost in Fog Records in Australia and Symphony of Destruction Records in Europe May 1st, 2018. The follow up to their debut album ‘Moloch’ the new Self Titled EP explores a dirtier anarcho feel whilst still maintaining the morose goth melodies of earlier releases.

LISTEN HERE: https://symphonyofdestruction.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-3


SOD#46 UBIK – s/t 7″

300 copies / European pressing
Printed on green paper!

New self titled EP from Melbourne four piece UBIK, featuring members from Cutsick, Agents of Abhorrence, Internal Rot, Masses & Red Red Krovvy. Adapting their brat-beat style punk combining elements of early 77′ bands such as CRISIS with fem-fronted dystopian anarcho similar to HONEY BANE or CRASS to create a punk soundscape in turmoil, tightly wound but also tongue in cheek.

LISTEN HERE: https://symphonyofdestruction.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7-6


Buy the 2 EPs 7″ here: https://symphonyofdestruction.bigcartel.com

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3 nouvelles cassettes sont sorties en décembre 2017 sur le sub-label OSCURIDAD EN MI VIDA!

OV#12 DEAD HERO – Grabaciones Completas 2015-2017 // 100 copies – 4€
Discographie comprenant leur nouvel Lp LA VIDA CONTINUA, ANTISOCIAL le split Lp avec SECTA and SEGUIMOS EN PIE la demo cassette (qu’on avait deja sorti mais plus dispo…)
soit 19 titres de punk/oi dans la veine de BLITZ!

OV#13 ISOTOPE – Wape Up Screaming // 100 copies – 3,5€
Raging Hc/punk de Oakland, 3 nouveaux titre et une reprise d’Anti Cimex, ffo Japon Hc Deathside, Bastard

OV#14 POBREZA MENTAL – Demo 2017 // 100 copies – 3,5€
Killer Raw Hc/Punk de New York! avec des membres d’Exotica, Warthog, etc

et vous propose un lot incluant toutes les cassettes sorties en 2017:
(seulement 5 de dispo car apres 2 references seront épuisées!)

tout ca dispo ici: http://www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop/
ou écrire à contact [at] symphonyofdestruction [point] org

et pour les news, ca sort tout bientôt:

SOD#44 MASSES 7″ // PostPunk – Australie
SOD#45 坦克 (TANK) – Demo E.P. Flexi // CrasherCrust – Singapour

et suivra SOD#46 UBIK – s/t 7″ Australie

17 April 2017 – 2 New Demo Cassette out now!!! UBIK & SIAL

Hey, 2 new demo cassette is out now on OSCURIDAD EN MI VIDA (our sub-tape label)!!

ubikOV#08 UBIK – Demo Cassette

100 copies / Euro version / 3 euros

5 tracks of catchy brat-beat punk from the new Melbourne punk 4 piece UBIK. Upbeat and simple the Ubik demo draws on the simple melodies and anarcho drum beats of bands like CRISIS with bratty vocal stylings reminiscent of THE COMES spitting lyrics about the mundanities, paranoia and bigotry of modern Australian life. Featuring members of MASSES & RED RED KROVVY….

LISTEN HERE: https://symphonyofdestruction.bandcamp.com/album/ubik-demo-cassette

BUY HERE: http://www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop/

sialwebOV#09 SIAL – Demo Cassette

100 copies / Linocut printed cover

Euro Version / 3 euros

From the police state island of Singapore SIAL create their own new and unique brand of « primitive hardcore. » Striping back the pomp and layers, SIAL blend early anarcho taking ques from bands such as DIRT & RUDIMENTARY PENI with the driving and rhythmic drum and guitar sounds of hardcore and raw punk bands such as DESTINO FINAL & DISCHARGE. Infiltrating a global hardcore scene dominated by the west & English-speakers frontwoman Siti’s delay drenched Malay vocals chaotically cover the listener in a wall of sound.
Featuring members of Pazahora, Vaarallinen, Daily Ritual and Lubricant

LISTEN HERE: https://symphonyofdestruction.bandcamp.com/album/sial-demo-cassette

BUY HERE: http://www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop/

2 next releases are pressing now and arrive really soon:

SOD#37 THE WRAITH – Shadow Flag 7″  [DeathRock/Usa]
SOD#38 HALDOL – The Totalitarianism Of Every Day Life Lp  [DarkPunk/Usa]


March 2017 – New release OSTAVKA 12″ (& next)

banner ostavka

SOD#35 OSTAVKA – s/t 12″ // Out Now!!

510 black copies
— 10 euros —

Co-release with Destructure & Subversive Ways

After a long delay due to rejected test presses… the records is finally arriving this week. Ostavka is a quite young band from Brittany, they had a demo and a first 7″ released last year. Ostavka members have previously been in several punk/crust bands and are now exploring the coldest and darkest side of punk with lots of depressive and melancholic melodies. Beautiful guitar picking parts, chorus sound, tribal drums and incredible female vocals makes this first LP a perfect cold / post / punk record full of anthems.

LISTEN HERE: https://symphonyofdestruction.bandcamp.com/

BUY HERE (or write us):http://www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop/index.php…


OV#08 UBIK – Demo Cassette
OV#09 SIAL – Demo Cassette
SOD#37 THE WRAITH – Shadow Flag 7″
SOD#38 HALDOL – The Totalitarianism Of Every Day Life Lp

RULE OF THIRDS Europe Tour / July 2016

rule of thirds