[March 2022] BOMBARDEMENT New LP out now!!

Co-release with DESTRUCTURE

The war currently happening at the edge of Europe and the threat of a larger scale conflict make it so awkward to promote a record. The name Bombardement has never sounded scarier and more relevant. Le Futur Est Là, written and recorded during pandemic lockdowns, features 8 new songs of the same old menacing d-beat driven hardcore punk with flashing guitars aplenty, and vocalist Oriane now raging in French.
Q: Do you really want to read an umpteenth generic blurb about yet another random d-beat punk band?
A: No you don’t. So let’s hear it from the, er, fans?:
« I don’t have a clue what d-beat is, but those guys seem alright? » – Charles, local bartender
« Fucking thieves stealing riffs and getting away with it. » – Asocial
« …wait, they stole riffs too? » – Bambi, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
« OK boomers » – Emma, 16
Do we need to tell you that this new offering from BOMBARDEMENT is their best record ever and that you will never get enough of this raging punk deluge ? The future is here and it’s no fairy tale!!!