[March 2023] ADRENOCHROME LP & LITOVSK MLP out now

500 copies / Reversed Sleeve 350gr with Insert + Download code

Oakland-based dark punk band Adrenochrome is proud to present their premiere full-length release, In Memoriam. In Memoriam is laden with infectious melodies, tenacious rhythm, and catchy, powerful vocals. This album houses all the attitude and tone of early death-rock powerhouses like Phaidia, while maintaining all the fury and focus of anarcho-punk legends such as Poison Girls and Penetration. Driving, dancey, and just aggressive enough to demand your attention, In Memoriam is certain to leave you singing along with your fist
Reverside 350gr sleeve and printed inner-sleeve with 8 pages booklet
Co-release with DESTRUCTURE

Growing up at the end of the world makes you feel unique and timeless things. There is universality in life apart from the excessive urbanism of big cities, rocked by the waves and a not so rare sun. The teenage years are those of endless summers where feelings and the taste for freedom enter a new dimension. LITOVSK takes a look at this period but also on its commitment to activism and questions its relationship to others, social determinism and religious faith.This record could be described as a kind of testimony but it’s much more than that : lyrics, music and artwork go in the same direction and form a rich protean ensemble. During these five songs, LITOVSK ventures into new territories with more melodies and more room for melancholy without losing anything of their singular sound and energy. This 12’’ was recorded between Leipzig and Brittany and it is brilliantly illustrated by Evan Luven’s full of sensitivity photos.