[December 2023] GRISAILLE – First Single Out Now!

SOD#94 GRISAILLE – Entre Deux Averses… 7″

New band project of Jacky and Fab, founders of SYNDROME 81 / MENTALITÉ 81

« If anything has been brought up and adorned by this team of veteran punks from Brest, it is well crafted moody punk songs. On this 7″ that looks like a single from back in the day, GRISAILLE is no stranger to the heavy dose of melody, angst and desperation that characterize their other projects. But when these other projects are somewhat rooted into French territory, their sound here is also a nod to the Copenhagen/Umeå scene, reminiscent of late GORILLA ANGREB era with their twangy guitar chords or early MASSHYSTERI flawless production on their ST. You’ll get the best of both worlds on this single and much more. At last, their name (which means Gloom like in weather’s term) could also sound like a warning: GRISAILLE is about to settle down on you and you better be ready. »
(Flo Spector)

« Si il y a bien un art dans lequel ces punks vétérans de Brest ont su exceller, c’est celui de composer des morceaux punk à la fois sombres et mémorables. Sur ce 45 tours qui ressemble à un bon vieux single d’époque, GRISAILLE ne déroge pas à la règle de la mélodie anxieuse et désespérée. Mais là où leurs autre projets sont fermement ancrés dans un héritage hexagonales, leur son est ici aussi un hommage à la scène de Copenhague/Umeå, rappelant la période tardive de GORILLA ANGREB et ses accords de guitares twangy ainsi que l’impeccable production de l’album éponyme de MASSHYSTERI. Ici, vous aurez le meilleur de tout ces mondes et plus encore. Enfin, leur nom pourrait sonner comme un avertissement : la grisaille va bientôt s’installer en vous, soyez donc prêt.e! »
(Flo Spector)

Crédit Photo: Mélanie Le Goff

HÆVNER Octobre Mini-tour (26-29)

HÆVNER, Raw Post-Punk du Danemark, vient nous souffler un peu de noirceur nordique dans l’ouest pour quelques dates fin Octobre, avec un son bien cru, chaotic et un chant ô combien désespéré et mélancolique!

(Avec des membres de Motorsav, Kold Front, St Digue, Moth, Metro Cult)

[May 2023] UZU LP & TURQUOISE 2nd LP OUT NOW!!

Screenprinted cover & Inner
Risographied A3 Poster – Download Code

S.O.D, like an internationalist punkonaut on the moon, looking the birth of another punk band release who mixed differents cultures from all continents that reflect the label’s identity, is proud to present you the first record of UZU.
This Montreal-based band has members from Algeria, Colombia, and Quebec who also play in other bands such Demokhratia, Bosque Rojo, and Ultra Razzia. UZU’s sound mixes elements of post-punk with dark, mid-tempo, melodic punk with an incisive vibe ala Siekiera! Their dramatic lyrics, sung in Arabic, are poetic and personal, yet they contain profound political messages if you read between the lines.

SOD#90 TURQUOISE – Sang, Larmes & Râles LP
Screenprinted cover + insert
co-release with Les Choeurs De l’Ennui

Two years after their debut « Hantise », Paris’ best – and sole – käng unit TURQUOISE are back with a new album entitled  »Sang, larmes et râles ». If you expected a drastic change in terms of songwriting then you’re in for a major disappointment and you’re clearly deluded. However, if you crave for an extra portion of abrasive Swedish-style hardcore sung (well…) in French with lyrics dealing with our chaotic time, then this is exactly what you need. This time around the band went for a rockier feel without losing the aggression and focused on writing mean choruses that even the most inept singers should be able to shout along to. Eight songs of totalitarian hardcore in 16 minutes, no arsing around. The brilliant artwork reminiscent of anguished outsider art was drawn by the talented Alan Doyle and « Sang, larmes et râles » is released on Symphony of Destruction and Les Choeurs de l’Ennui. Go to your favourite off-licence and grab the thing.

[MAY 2023] TOXIC RITES Demo Cassette Out Now!

OV#25 TOXIC RITES – S/T Demo Cassette
150 copies

When bands claim to play old-school anarchopunk these days, the music often ends up sounding like hair-spray retro postpunk. Hailing from the center of Brittany, TOXIC RITES proudly bring back the ‘’punk’’ in ‘’anarchopunk’’ and this six-song demo tape demonstrates why they are one of France’s most promising bands. TOXIC RITES are superbly and effortlessly catchy. The music itself sounds deceptively simple on the surface but the many clever hooks make the songs memorable and show that much thought was given to the details of the songwriting. The songs are mostly fast-paced, energetic and snotty UK-flavoured punk with classic spoken words parts while the slower-paced moments and the dark guitar leads confer to the whole a flowing vibrance and a sense of moodiness that is paradoxically very dynamic. If I were to find points of comparison I would say that TOXIC RITES are not unlike the Belfast anarcho sound of TOXIC WASTE and STALAG 17 with the aggression of early CONFLICT and the catchiness of PASSION KILLERS or BLOOD ROBOTS. But really, I cannot think of any contemporary band that sound close. This anarchopunk heaven. And how anthemic and tuneful do this lot get. The warm vocals are absolutely wonderful as the singer also deals in traditional Irish folk music, meaning that contrary to many, the man can actually sing and takes the songs to a whole other level. Each song is memorable, angry and beautiful at the same time. The lyrics are, of course, political and tackle issues such as mass tourism, ecocide and the commodification of our lives. You will sing along to these class tunes under the shower – when no one’s around – and you will probably sound like a goose that has fallen in an industrial press but you won’t care because TOXIC RITES are just too good not to be sung along to.
(Romain, Terminal Sound Nuisance) 

[April 2023] FAUCHEUSE – Demo Cassette – Out now!!


Faucheuse: New Bordeaux D-Beat Punk Band Drops Fiery Debut EP (Premiere)

Former and current members of Bombardement, Gasmask Terrör, Monarch and Year of No Light keep the amazing Bordeaux d-beat scene as strong as ever.

By Mittens XVX On Apr 20, 2023


The city of Bordeaux is best known for its its vineyards, legendary chateau and wine, but in the secret world of DIY punk and hardcore, Bordeaux is also the undisputed French capital of wall-shaking hardcore with strangling riffs, intense vocals and stampeding d-beats at breakneck tempos.


The debut five-song tape release from Bordeaux’s Faucheuse follows the same throttling direction as its members’ past and present bands, but with a twist. Featuring local heroes Bombardement’s former singer Emilie, bassist Stephane (Bombardement, ex-Monarch), drummer Luc (Bombardement, ex-Gasmask Terrör) and guitarist Shiran (Year of No Light, ex-Gasmask Terrör, ex-Monarch), Faucheuse dispense clobbering hardcore punk with raucous d-beat mayhem and rock’n’roll sensibilities.

Beginning with feedback reminiscent of a rehearsal demo recording on “Pyromancie,” the band fires up the grill with a d-beat infused frenzy that calls to mind the best works of Black Panda. The second track, “Detonation,” is an explosive continuation of Faucheuse’s combustible style, it’s the fastest and shortest track on the record fyi. “Ville Interdite” and “Possession” are cut from the same scathing kängpunk cloth and hard-rocking riffs, but feature a vigorous pub-rock vibe and unique melodic edge, reminiscent of bands like Amyl and the Sniffers or the brilliant chanson-punk of La Fraction. The title track “Faucheuse” closes the record with nearly three minutes of repetitive bass and d-beat driven instrumentation over a quirky vocal style that I bet you won’t hear in any other raw punk or d-beat band outside of France. By the way, the name “Faucheuse” is the feminine word for the Grim Reaper, as my French pals explained.

In conclusion, Faucheuse’s debut is an excellent d-beat punk’n’roll reaper front to back. I’m usually very suspicious of the whole d-beat’n’roll thing, as very few bands can do it as good as Spain’s Black Panda, and I think most of the rest are just plain boring. Faucheuse not only update the style in a fresh and exciting way, but also add tons of their own elements, especially the feminist vibe and the distinct French punk twist. If you haven’t already done so, hit the play button above and get the tape from Symphony of Destruction while you still have the chance!

[March 2023] ADRENOCHROME LP & LITOVSK MLP out now

500 copies / Reversed Sleeve 350gr with Insert + Download code

Oakland-based dark punk band Adrenochrome is proud to present their premiere full-length release, In Memoriam. In Memoriam is laden with infectious melodies, tenacious rhythm, and catchy, powerful vocals. This album houses all the attitude and tone of early death-rock powerhouses like Phaidia, while maintaining all the fury and focus of anarcho-punk legends such as Poison Girls and Penetration. Driving, dancey, and just aggressive enough to demand your attention, In Memoriam is certain to leave you singing along with your fist
Reverside 350gr sleeve and printed inner-sleeve with 8 pages booklet
Co-release with DESTRUCTURE

Growing up at the end of the world makes you feel unique and timeless things. There is universality in life apart from the excessive urbanism of big cities, rocked by the waves and a not so rare sun. The teenage years are those of endless summers where feelings and the taste for freedom enter a new dimension. LITOVSK takes a look at this period but also on its commitment to activism and questions its relationship to others, social determinism and religious faith.This record could be described as a kind of testimony but it’s much more than that : lyrics, music and artwork go in the same direction and form a rich protean ensemble. During these five songs, LITOVSK ventures into new territories with more melodies and more room for melancholy without losing anything of their singular sound and energy. This 12’’ was recorded between Leipzig and Brittany and it is brilliantly illustrated by Evan Luven’s full of sensitivity photos.

Résultats TOMBOLA Solidaire pour « LVIV VEGAN KITCHEN »

Attention…. roulement de tambour….. voici le moment de vous dévoiler enfin les 14 gagnant-es de la Tombola Solidaire en soutien à LVIV VEGAN KITCHEN!!

Le tirage au sort a clôturé une super après-midi jeux neuro-regénérative afin d’affronter en toute quiétude un apéro-concert dominicale de SYNDROME 81 au Goasven Café.

Aujourd’hui, on a fait le bilan, calmement, et nous avons pu collecter 1133€ via la tombola (environs 120 participant-es, pour 247 Tickets) et un bonus de 385€ avec la soirée !! Cool !!

Donc un grand merci à tout-es les participantes, à AnSo Tombola Animation, Mauro la main innocente ?!, les SYNDROME 81, PlantArVoas Craftbeer Corporation et surtout toute la CanTeam Logonnaise et le Goasven Café !

Et oui, la chance a souri à :

GWEN BI (051) LOT N°1 : PACK SOD 2022 (6xLP/4xEP/1k7)

MIK PIZ (016) LOT N°2 : PACK 2022 (6xLP)

CELINE B (278) LOT N°3 : PACK EP 2022 (4xEP)



JEFF K. (130) LOT N°6 : PACK (4xEP)


MAGDA K. (240) LOT N° 8 : PACK BOMBARDEMENT 1er et 2eme album (2xLP)

ARNO LA PLAGE (017) LOT N° 9 : PACK LITOVSK 1er et 2eme album (2xLP)


DAVID M. (134) LOT N° 11 : 1 TEST-PRESS LITOVSK (3eme album)





SOD#81 ZANJEER – Parcham Buland Ast 7″
500 copies / Screenprinted Cover + Insert

ZANJEER is a punk band from Bremen, Germany. The band was formed in 2020 with the intention of playing uncompromising political punk influenced by bands like Sial, Fertil Miseria, Ratos de Porao etc with lyrics in Urdu, Punjabi and Farsi – languages native to Pakistan, India and Iran. The members come from parts of the globe namely Colombia, Pakistan, England and Germany.

The band is comprised by veterans in their respective scenes, involved in acts such as Inferno Personale, Ex-dom, Cataphiles, Amenazas, Muro, Huffin Paint, Beast as God, Multinational Corporations and Dead Bhuttos. With each member bringing their own vastly different experience, influence and expertise to the table, Zanjeer stays poised to be a relevant act for the current hardcore punk landscape – giving a necessary window into the lives of people from the global south.

Their debut EP « Parcham Buland Ast » contains 6 tracks in 8 minutes, sending the listener into the chaotic world of religious extremism, violent post-colonial nationalism, crumbling environment and economic destruction. Lyrically and musically, this project seeks to narrate the frustration, the anger, and the hatred born out of systematic and consistent oppression.

SOD#82 GURS – s/t 7″
500 copies / Screenprinted cover + Insert

GURS is the fusion between 4 friends from Bilbao (Euskal Herria) knowing each other from the underground and political scene. They play a sort of energetic post punk with influences around bands like Litovsk, Daily Ritual, Bleakness, Short Days, The Estranged. GURS refer to « Gurs internment camp » in France where Basque prisoners where internemented, then also many spanish anarchist & political prisoners during the Spanish Civil War!!

SOD#83 SYSTEMA – Muerte 7″
500 copies / Screenprinted cover + Insert

One year exactly after their first release LP, Bogota’s raw hc punks is back on the attack with « Muerte » a new 5 track EP, a critical report of their violent and corrupt Colombia state, that make you feel their rage and pain!!
SOD#79 ABYECTA – Enemigos De La Razón 7″ 
300 copies / Screenprinted Die-Cut Cover + Insert A4

After long delay in production, finally the 2nd EP of ABYECTA, now based in Chile, is out just in time for their US West coast tour! 4 tracks of Fast Heavy Punk with Metallic riffs and D-beats influenced by Japanese Hc, early Razor and UK82!

[June 2022] HÆVNER – For Sent, First Single / Music Video

Today you can discover  » For Sent » the fourth track from the upcoming debut LP ‘Kaldet fra Tomrummet’ of HÆVNER, new raw post-punk Copenhagen band (included members of Kold Front, Motorsav, Moth, St. Digue)

Their Lp will be out this coming automn on Symphony of Destruction! Enjoy!

Video directed, recorded & edited by Hævner

[June 2022] DESENTERRADAS Mini-Tour en Bretagne

DESENTERRADAS feront un mini-tour en Armorique le 10-11-12 Juin 2022
En provenance de Majorque, elles jouent du Dark Punk entre Parálisis Permanente et Las Vulpe SS. Leur 1er album est sorti en Octobre dernier sur Metadona et S.O.D.

10 JUIN: au Puits, à coté de Rennes (35)
11 JUIN: PenKalet, vers Guingamp (22)
12 JUIN: La Dérive, Nantes (44)

[March 2022] BOMBARDEMENT New LP out now!!

Co-release with DESTRUCTURE

The war currently happening at the edge of Europe and the threat of a larger scale conflict make it so awkward to promote a record. The name Bombardement has never sounded scarier and more relevant. Le Futur Est Là, written and recorded during pandemic lockdowns, features 8 new songs of the same old menacing d-beat driven hardcore punk with flashing guitars aplenty, and vocalist Oriane now raging in French.
Q: Do you really want to read an umpteenth generic blurb about yet another random d-beat punk band?
A: No you don’t. So let’s hear it from the, er, fans?:
« I don’t have a clue what d-beat is, but those guys seem alright? » – Charles, local bartender
« Fucking thieves stealing riffs and getting away with it. » – Asocial
« …wait, they stole riffs too? » – Bambi, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
« OK boomers » – Emma, 16
Do we need to tell you that this new offering from BOMBARDEMENT is their best record ever and that you will never get enough of this raging punk deluge ? The future is here and it’s no fairy tale!!!

[Feb 2022] DESTRIPADOS Lp Out now!! read Diy Conspiracy article here:

Destripados: Apocalyptic D-Beat Meets Chainsawing Raw Punk on ‘Lenguas Venenosas’

TLDR: The truth might hurt. But Destripados’ new album, Lenguas Venenosas, reminds us, time and again, that bitter realities can also sound damn fucking good.

By Craig On Feb 18, 2022

Poisonous tongues; that’s the English translation of the title of Portland, Oregon band Destripados’ second album, Lenguas Venenosas.

Obviously, that’s an on-point title for a world tearing itself apart due, in part, to venomous voices and toxic opinions. More than that, think of all those virulent substances leaching from every environmental disaster. Think of those noxious ne’er-do-wells out there deliberately fostering division and bigotry. It’s Hell on Earth, my friend. But Destripados’ stampeding punk is the perfect elixir to purge all the malignant anxiety from your system.

Destripados feature members from all over—Perú, Colombia, and California—mixing an all-important immigrant perspective into their high-energy/high-speed hardcore. Links to killer bands like Dödläge, Frecuencia De Muerte, and Genogeist should help to amplify your anticipation; not that Destripados need any help in that regard, tbh.

Released on vinyl by French label Symphony of Destruction, Lenguas Venenosas follows on from Destripados’ super-aggressive Gutless LP, which mixed incensed Spanish lyric tracks with a max-reverb combo of influences; think full-tilt Discharge via Totalitär via your favourite blazing Latin American hardcore band.

Lenguas Venenosas follows a similar tack to Gutless with tracks like “Destruyendo Teles,” “Warmind,” and “Moment of Destruction” filled with mangling guitars, rocketing leads, and throat-slit growls’n’howls. Apocalyptic d-beat (with battering drums and grinding bass) meets chainsawing Scandinavian raw punk—all of which manages to sound as filthy as a septic tank and as heavy as a battle tank at the exact same time.

Maybe you’re feeling down right now? Perhaps you exist in a constant state of panic? I don’t blame you… for either. The pandemic rolls on, everyone hates everyone, and apparently, WW3 is just around the corner. The good news: the album releases TODAY and there’s no better time than right now to hit play on Lenguas Venenosas.

There’s no mistaking Destripados’ passionate anger at the divisive and combative world we live in. The band’s music is a scathing reflection of endless social tensions, and Lenguas Venenosas is a searing assault on the issues that often brutalise the most vulnerable among us. Best of all, Lenguas Venenosas’ incandescent tracks evoke all the blood-boiling rage we feel living in a world set on self-destruction.

Lenguas Venenosas is a fucking riot and Destripados’ Hellscape hardcore is the perfect soundtrack to the end of days.


[FEBRUARY 2022] HOPE? Cassette out now!

OV#24 HOPE? – Dead And Gone CS
200 copies
Pro-duplication on purple transparent cassette
+ Lyrics Sheet A4
Euro edition

Crust Punk D-beat from Portland (Usa)

(No Echo) Enter PDX’s Hope?, an absolutely ripping D-beat act embracing the time honored traditions of the genre. The group has a singular approach to their sonic savagery. The question mark that punctuates their open ended moniker is indicative of their empowering worldview, resisting both resignation and retreat. The band makes hay of that sliver of hope, finding transcendence in near darkness.

[Nov 2021] RITUAL VEIL – Keep Looking Down 12″ out now!!


SOD#76 // (Synth-phony Séries n°3)
325 Copies Maxi 12″
Extracover + Screenprinted discosleeve + Insert
Download Code

(Review from Post-Punk.com / Alice Teeple)
After growing up together in Portland, Oregon’s punk scene, longtime friends Aidan Wolfe and Wolfgang Williams joined forces dramatic dance-beat, synth-driven pop passion project known as Ritual Veil. Wolfe and Williams developed a deep affinity for similar genres of music and the desire to create their own, utilizing a common love of the connection between music and visual media.

Now they announce a new EP, Keep Looking Down, an opus borne of tragedy, heartbreak, and unspeakable loss…and perhaps a touch of bitterness, Wolfe admits, explaining that the songs are all derived from personal thoughts and experiences, filing a few short pieces into different emotional drawers. “2020 completely turned my life upside down,” says Wolfe. “Having my life upended by Covid and losing my partner to cancer in the same short span had me in a dark place for a while. Writing these songs was pretty much the only cathartic release I had through all of that.”

The title track sets the mood of the casette as something more introspective, while still remaining engaging and hopeful.

“I was hearing vocal samples being used as leads in a lot of songs and felt inspired to do our own take,” says Williams. “As soon as I wrote the lead you hear at the beginning and throughout the song I knew I wanted to write a song around it.”

Wolfe and Williams wrote all of the music together and collaborated on writing synth and drums for the first time. “We’re channeling the essence of RV from when we were first starting to write synth-pop riffs on a little Casio and drum machine and setting up fun photoshoots and set designs in Wolfgang’s basement,” Wolfe says.

The band collaborated with Jonathan Sirit, of Belgrado, for the album artwork as well the art printed on the cassettes. They also collaborate with photographer Yvette Aispuro, who shot the cover.

In 2017 Ritual Veil began rehearsing synth and drum-machine compositions, with Wolfe improvising meandering vocal melodies over top, and pairing the song ideas with stylized sets and abstract visual concepts. Wolfe’s smooth, baritone vocals echo down a hallway of oscillating beats, driving bass tones, and captivating hooks invoking a lustful, melancholic aura.

“Aidan wrote all the lyrics on the album and while he pulled a lot from his own personal experience, I find so many ways to interpret and apply them to my own life,” notes Wolfgang Williams. “I think that’s one of the strengths of this album, and I hope when people hear or read the lyrics they’ll feel a personal connection to them.”

“Wolfgang and I have been friends since high school,” says Wolfe. “We met my freshman year and he looked like Sid Vicious (but with better style, naturally) so I thought he was cool as shit. We made friends pretty quickly. We were both punks and went to the same local all-ages shows in Portland and started a band with some friends. After that disbanded we played around with a couple project ideas before landing on Ritual Veil.”

[Oct 2021] PROSPEXX – The Garden promo single out now!

PROSPEXX’s single promo « THE GARDEN », taken from their upcoming debut album « A Quiet World » in production now at S.O.D, on their bandcamp and all digital platform.

you can see also a live session here:

[Oct 2021] 2 new releases Out now, BARREN? & DESENTERRADAS Lps

Hello, we are happy to announce you 2 new Lp releases are out this debut october!!

SOD#71 DESENTERRADAS – Danzando En El Caos LP

660 copies, reversed 380gr sleeve + insert
To celebrate their 10 years of existence, the 5 girls from Mallorca, offer us a brillant first full-lenght album of Dark-punk / DeathRock, with Spanish lyrics that invoke fears, passions, dramas and the smell of burning, they conjure up an album that evokes memories of the past. Now that their graves are empty we can assure you that this album is called to be a perennial classic capable of awakening your most dying smile.


SOD#73 BARREN? – Distracted To Death… Diverted From Reality LP

550 copies 24″x24″ folded poster sleeve (ala « Crass ») + Obi
After left us with only one first track on a small v/a 12″, while our poor ears was requesting for more in 2009, BARREN?, the Peace-Punkers from Paris finally come with a realistic debut album called « Distracted To Death… Diverted From Reality LP » housed in a nice 24″x24″ folded sleeve (ala Crass), well brewed in the
ol’good anarchopunk 80’s tradition!

[June 2021] v/a LA MASACRE CONTINUA Cassette

250 copies pro-duplicated

Solidarity Euro Version manufactured and distributed by OSCURIDAD EN MI VIDA

Compilation curated by CHAOS-T Records and PESADILLA in Colombia

–> All proceed will be donated <–
ORDER here: www.symphonyofdestruction.org/shop

Supporting distribution in:
JAPON: Revenge, Base, Discos Peligros, Punk & Destroy
NZ: Razored Raw
UK: La Vida Es Un Mus, Missing The Point
EUROPE: Contraszt! (Ger) Adult Crash (Dan) Not Enought (Swe)
FRANCE: Mutant, La France Pue, Dirty Slap, Stonehenge, Destructure, Collila

Compilation Mastered by Santiago González

(Chaos-T records Statement)
Solidary punk compilation that came up after the national strike context and the repression by the authorities as of April 28 of 2021. To this date, 45 people have been murdered, 25 women have been sexually assaulted/raped and over 340 people have been missing in hands of the police and anti-riot police.

Who gave the order?

We totally reject the abuse of power. Because of this, 21 bands have united to scream out their rejection against this injustice and harassment that the people are now suffering after waking up against oppression.

If you want to download and give out a donation, everything will be donated to the people and the different collectives who are needing our help.

We did this compilation with the intention of giving out all the donations received in behalf of the strike and the people requiring our support and solidarity.

[April 2021] X2000 / DAUÐYFLIN – Split MC pre-order and listen

OV#22 X2000 / DAUÐYFLIN – Split MC
250 copies + insert
co-release with Ruido Total Discos (Paris)

After share some stage in Scandinavia, X2000 (Sweden) and DAUÐYFLIN (Iceland), and made pogo punx jump in the pit, they bring the team together again for a split cassette! Both into Tupa-Tupa Dark HcPunk atmosphere, X2000 is more hypnotic drenched by chorus, while DAUÐYFLIN is more infused by noise!
Tupa-Tupa, Jump around, Jump up and get down!

[Feb 2021] Listen TURQUOISE 12″ + Pre-order

You can listen the first full-lenght mini-album called « Hantise » of TURQUOISE, Parisian Kängpunk, on premier on the website DIY Conspiracy
!! Enjoy!!

Pre-order on the shop!!! release date the 28th February!

Paris raw hardcore punk outfit Turquoise streaming their debut album « Hantise » in full now!!! ????

LP available from Symphony of Destruction and Les Chœurs De l’Ennui

Publiée par DIY Conspiracy sur Vendredi 19 février 2021

[Feb 2021] BESTHÖVEN/DHK & EDUCATION 7″ are out now!!

2 new 7″ releases are just out now!!